Assaf Kashtan

Assaf Kashtan – Architect & Town Planning



Phone:           +972-3-6233755

Mobile:           +972-50-5261247


1977 Graduated (with honors) from the Faculty of Architecture and Town Planning, Technion, Haifa.

Professional Experience

  • Have been working in the profession since the beginning of my studies including work on construction sites and filling managerial, organizational and public positions.
  • Registered on the register of Engineers and Architects since 21 December 1978, registration No. 25467
  • Architect and senior town planner in the Planning Division of the Kibbutz Movement and later began working at AlefBet Planners since its establishment in 1991.
  • Head of a multidisciplinary design teams for designing regional blueprints and
  • Designing blueprints, outline plans, detailed plans, construction and development plans, architectural design, landscape design, infrastructure coordination: rural areas, communal towns, engineering facilities, including photovoltaic installations, wastewater treatment facilities, neighborhoods, industrial plants, public buildings, agricultural buildings, sports and recreation, nature reserves, rivers and forests
  • Member of the Lev HaSharon local committee for planning and construction, 2002-2007
  • Member of the Environment Committee and the Committee for the Preservation of Sites, Lev HaSharon Regional Council
  • Consultant architect for the Regional Councils Center. Personally accompanied the Tama/35 plans and the decisions of planning institutions, the government and the Knesset as a representative of the Regional Councils Center
  • Attended a workshop for training consultants to write blueprints for sustainable development in regional councils

Selected Projects

Local and regional blueprints and outline plans

  • Blueprint for planning, Hof HaSharon (multidisciplinary team leader, public participation)
  • Outline plan for open spaces, regional planning of Hof HaCarmel (multidisciplinary team leader, statutory feasibility study, public participation)
  • Blueprint for reconstruction and development of Nahal Habesor (multidisciplinary team leader that included 21 consultants)
  • Blueprints, outline and zoning; construction and development plans and infrastructure coordination, Ramat Negev Regional Center
  • Settlement plan for Hevel Aza evacuees, east Lachish (coordination with government agencies and environmentalists; Change in regional outline plan;
  • Coordination with the Defense Ministry and the IDF, National Council)
  • Blueprint for regional planning, Hevel Modi’in (Including public participation);
  • “Derech Halev”, blueprint for environmental development and a cycling network in theLev Hasharon region (public participation and statutory feasibility study)
  • A blueprint for bike paths “Shvilei Hevel Modi’in “
  • Team member (headed by economist Gadi Rosenthal) to examine the benefit and development of methods for weighing the external values ​​of open spaces for the Open Landscape Institute (The Society for the Protection of Nature)
  • Regional planning document for the Nachal Yarkon region in the area of the Regional Council, south HaSharon (in coordination with the Regional Committee)


Blueprint for the preservation and restoration of the environment and tourism development

  • Development of Ein Hod Artists Village, Mitzpe Revivim site, blueprint of HaMachtesh Hakatan
  • Detailed outline plan in the area of Nahal Alexander at Kfar Vitkin
  • Blueprints for conservation and tourism development,  Agan Mashabim, Agan Sade Boker, Derech Habsamim route, Derech HaBesor on the Derech Hashamayim road,  Matte-Asher beach, Ben Gurion’s hut site at Sade Boker, ” Ship of the Desert ” site at Bir Asluj, “Khan Be’erotayim” at Azuz , Orhan K. Raim, tourist trail and seminar center at Ketura, Chai-Negev Revivim, blueprint for tourism development at Kisalon, conceptual plan for trade route for Bedouin on road 31, road services and information station Tse’elim junction


Detailed plans for engineering facilities

Tse’elim WWTP, Ir Haba’adim and Ramat Hanegev WWTP, photovoltaic facility Sade Boker, photovoltaic facility at Bika’at Arad

Plans for preserving nature and forests

  • Mitlol Tsurim, Nahal Hilazon
  • Mashabim forest, Mishmar Hanegev forest, Lahav-Shomria forests, ofakim forest.


Detailed blueprints for the renewal of mines

South Yarkam, south Hatzeva, Sadeh Tzin (Har Ha’Har), Nahal Sahar, Nahal Habesor- Mikta Raim,  nahal habesor-Mikta Ashalim, Nahal Patish


Planning of communal towns and neighborhoods (blueprints, detailed outlines – zoning, construction)

  • Kfar Vitkin, Nir Eliyahu, Ayal, Einat, Metzer, Ga’ash, Barkai, Mishmar Hanegev, Ein HaMifratz, Admit, Achziv field school, Givat Brenner, Givat Hashlosha, Givat Hazan (new settlement), Tal Shahar, Amatzia, contact Tzur Natan, Shekef, Tzur Moshe, Lachish, Ramat Negev Regional Center, Revivim, Tlalim, Retamim, Ashalim, Azuz, Be’er Milka (new settlement), experiment Station Be’er Ha’il, Tse’elim
  • Agricultural farms: Philip farm, Eyal Gilad farm

Landscape design

“Mashabim” school, Negev Hot Baths – Golda Park, several cemeteries, Mitzpe Revivim and its surroundings, Ein Hod – conservation and development of  Lev Hakfar, landscaping in several neighborhoods, Ramat HaNegev regional and community center, rehabilitation of phosphate quarries and mines, stream restoration, Sadeh Achziv school, several industrial areas – mainly on rural communal towns, monuments and panoramic lookout – Hativa 8 (Nizana), lookout point Haim Bar-Lev, lookout point Har Horsha, lookout ridge Kadesh Barnea, lookout points Ganei Hoga, synagogue and study center compound at the Technion, Haifa


Public buildings and institutions

  • Offices of the Kibbutz Movement – Efal; Beit Aliyat Hanoar – Alonim; Technion, Haifa – Library and study center
  • Medical clinics on several communal towns; Golda Meir Archive and study center – Revivim; Maccabi Health Fund – Nesher medical clinic
  • JDC Eshel, senior citizen housing – Lev Hasharon; Hanegev Baths “Naveh Midbar”; community center and an information station Ramat Hanegev; Lottery funded (Pais) clubs for the elderly – Sha’ar Ephraim, Ramat Hanegev, Ramat Efal


Education institutions and buildings

  • Kfar Gilad Youth Center (Mendelssohn Offices, Haifa); Revivim Youth Center; Retamim and Tlalim – area for preschoolers, preschools and nurseries
  • Mashabim School – blueprint, classrooms, administrative building, science center, child development center – Ramat Negev; Taibeh community center


Sports and Recreation buildings

  • Open and enclosed swimming pools: Tlalim, Retamim, Nitzana, Mashabei Sadeh, Ramat Efal, Tzahala, day care center for the elderly in Yizrael Regional Council, Neve Noi
  • Gymnasiums, tennis and sports facilities: Revivim, Kadesh Barnea, Kadima hospital in Afeka, Mshabei Sade, Ramat Efal sports center Tzahala sports center, fitness center in Dizengoff Center


Regional industrial plants, livestock and labor

“Reviv” – Revivim’ ; “Sagiv” – Mashabei Sade, “Plazit” – Gazit; “Ortal” – Neve Or; “Netafim” – Magal (offices) ; Structures for engineering facilities, cowshed – Revivim;  “Ma’adanei Bar”; industrial zone and storage – Einat; “Paltziv” – Ein Hanatziv; Optica Eyal, Eyal Microwave, “Hazera” – Brurim – blueprint, lab center, head offices, production-treatment building;  Regional buildings on Naveh Yerek farm; “Deganit Ein Bar” bakery – Kibbutz Einat;  Majdal Shams Industrial Zone.

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