Nava Yanay Pizov

Nava Yanay Pizov – Architect


Phone: +972-3-6233766

Mobile: +972-50-5599754


1969:  Graduate (with honors) of the Faculty of Architecture and Town Planning, Technion, Haifa

Licensed for building accessibility standards

Professional Experience

Have been working in architecture since 1969 – planning, management and general supervision of projects

1996-present:  Senior architect and design team coordinator at AlefBet Planners Ltd.

1983-1996: Technical Department of Kibbutzey Hashomer Hatzair – project planning and managing

1969-1981: Yaar Architects, S. Shaked Architects, Tzipor Architects

Main fields of expertise

  • Education buildings: schools, preschools, community centers
  • Protection for existing schools and public buildings
  • Design of new and protected schools and public buildings
  • Swimming pools including pools for IDF bases
  • Disability access consultancy – Licensed for building accessibility standards, license no. 58
  • Commercial centers, IDF mess halls, Kibbutz dining rooms
  • Health care buildings: hospitals, clinics, dental clinics
  • Physiotherapy clinics: IDF bases and civilian areas
  • Nursing care buildings on Kibbutzim
  • Private and public residences, including IDF bases
  • Office buildings, industrial and logistics buildings in civilian and security facilities

Selected Projects

Planning protected schools
in towns in the outlying areas of Gaza

  • Nofey Habsor high school; Eshkol Regional Council
  • Elementary school in Sha’ar Hanegev
  • Hofim elementary school on Kibbutz Yad Mordechai ,Hof Ashkelon Regional Council
  • Shikmah high school on Kibbutz Yad Mordechai , Hof Ashkelon Regional Council
  • Planning of a regional on Kibbutz Gat

Swimming pools
including changing rooms and site development:

  • Palmachim base
  • Tel Nof base and the Air Defense school for anti-aircraft troops
  • Mercaz Binui, Air Force
  • Bahad 1 for the southern construction unit
  • Renovation of pool in Nevatim base
  • Renovation of pool in Kfar Ofarim

Dining rooms and cultural halls

  • Mess hall at the Tzuki Ovda base
  • Mess hall at Kibbutz Lehavot Haviva and Yakum
  • Sapir commercial center at Ein Yahav

Structures in the health care system:

  • Sharon Hospital – construction of hospitalization wing including: women’s Surgery Dept., Cardiac Intensive Care Unit, Neonatal Unit and the Nephrology Unit
  • Eitanim psychiatric hospital – planning of emergency building, doctors’ offices and rehabilitation wards
  • Talpiot Mental Health Clinic, Jerusalem – Ministry of Health
  • Clinic at the physiotherapy and hydrotherapy institute – Eshkol Regional Council
  • Planning of a day care center for the elderly – Megiddo Regional Council
  • Clinics for Air Force bases
  • Planning of a rehabilitation center for children with cerebral palsy, Tsad Kadima Association

Nursing care buildings on Kibbutzim

Shaar Hagolan, Lehavot Habashan, Amir, Shamir, Baram, Gesher, Beit Zera, Gat, Yad Mordechai , Mesilot, Hazor, Ramat Hashofet, Bror Hayil, Ruhama, Dorot, Ein Hamifratz, Ein Hashofet, Yakum, Hahotrim, Beit Alfa, Merhavia, Shoval, Yotvata, Kfar Hanassi, Dafna, Ginosar, Ashdot Ya’akov Ihud

Logistics buildings

  • Industry, storage and offices – Negev Nuclear Research Center
  • Air Force bases
  • Container screening facility – Ashdod port
  • Planning of offices in Air Force squadrons
  • Stakplast Ltd., industrial zone, Hevel Modi’in
  • Plastics factory at Kibbutz Yakum;
  • Triumph and Aldo – Tzora Industrial Park, M. Hadarom – Tzomet Masmia
  • Pipeline facility – Shaar Hagolan plant, Negrin Jewelry plant, Bat Yam

Protection of existing structures

  • 3 schools in Sderot
  • Elementary schools and high school in Sha’ar Hanegev
  • Main building in a school in Ma’ale Habsor
  • 18 preschools in Sderot and the Gaza outlying areas
  • Work vis-á-vis the Building Center and the Defense Ministry
  • Protection of Sapir College, Sderot
  • Protected areas to dozens of public buildings such as kindergartens, clubs, clinics in Sderot and towns in the outlying areas of Gaza


  • Soldiers barracks, Beit Nabala; Soldiers barracks, Panmaz Haifa
  • Residential planning and residential extensions at Ovda base, Ramon base and Ramat David base
  • Planning residential neighborhoods on Kibbutzim: Beit Nir, Gat, Galon, Zikim, Carmia, Yakum, Kfar Menahem, Lahav, Lehavot Habashan, Merhavia, Negba, Nahshonim, Nir David, Nir Yitzhak, Nir Oz, Nirim, Gvulot, Ein Hamifratz, Revadim, Ruhama, Shomrat, Hazorea, Haogen, Pelech, Shomria, Chafetz Chaim
  • Housing extensions, Kibbutzim: Shefayyim, Gat, Yad Mordechai, Yakum, Kfar Menahem and more

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