Uri Harel

Uri Harel – Architect

: uri_h@abt.co.il

Phone: +972-3-6233754

Mobile: +972-50-7276230


1997:  B.Arch in Architecture, Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design, Jerusalem

Professional Experience

Architect at AlefBet Planners since qualifying. Planning of various projects, including coordination and supervision, working with engineers, consultants, planning committees and government offices. Experience in the design of residential buildings, offices, commerce, industry, land development, blueprints, construction plans, both detailed planning and outline planning.

Main field of Expertise

  • Blueprint and outline plans, expansion of settlements in the rural sector, privatization plans (parceling) on Kibbutzim
  • Planning and re-planning of settlements, zoning and re-zoning
  • Residential neighborhoods: construction plans and planning coordination, design of house models including coordination of design teams and consultants, planning and implementation details, including supervision
  • Architecture: public buildings; educational, welfare and community buildings; tourism and leisure complexes; neighborhoods and residential buildings; industrial and office buildings; farm and storage buildings

Selected Projects  

  • Showroom, office and garage UMI, Holon
  • Gas station restaurant, Kibbutz Gevim
  • Cannondale bicycle store, Kibbutz Tzuba
  • Neve Midbar thermal baths, Tzomet Bir Asluj
  • “Plazit” office building, Kibbutz Gazit
  • “Eyal Optica” office building, Kibbutz Eyal
  • Expansion of office building, (ADOM desalination plant) Ashkelon
  • Plans of   home models, Kibbutz Mishmar Hanegev
  • Plans of  home models, Kibbutz Tzora
  • Plans of   home models, Kibbutz Bnei Dkalim (Lachish)
  • Expansion of villa, Ramat Hasharon
  • Interior design for various apartments, Tel Aviv, Ramat Hasharon, Ramat Gan, Givatayim
  • Interior design for a café, Ness Ziona
  • Initial planning for a group of homes for new immigrants, Kibbutz Eyal and Kibbutz Gevram
  • Rehabilitation and expansion of residential building and land development, Bat Shlomo
  • Expansion of “Deganit Ein-Bar” bakery and “Ma’adanei Bar”, Kibbutz Einat
  • Cultivation facility and labs, “Hazera” farm on Brurim
  • Expansion of administrative facility, Hazera farm on Brurim
  • Structure to house seismometer, Kadesh Barnea
  • Structure for shooting range, Mashabei Sadeh
  • - Lottery funded club for the retired, Ramat Negev Regional Center
  • Child development center, Ramat Negev Regional Center
  • Expansion of administrative building, Mashabei Sadeh school
  • Science center, Mashabei Sadeh school
  • New classes, Mashabei Sadeh school
  • Development projects, “Neve Midbar” thermal baths
  • Development projects, Be’er Milka
  • Development and infrastructure projects for residential neighborhood, Kibbutz Einat
  • Development and infrastructure projects in the “Ulpan” neighborhood, Mishmar HaNegev
  • Development projects and systems coordination, Ashalim communal settlement
  • Development and infrastructure projects for residential neighborhood, Kibbutz Kfar Glikson

Blueprint, outline planning and  detailed planning (zoning)

  • Outline planning, Givot Hazan (Bnei Dekalim)
  • Outline planning, Be’er Milka
  • Outline planning, Kibbutz Ga’ash
  • Local outline planning for nature reserves, Mitlol Tzurim and Nachal Hilazon
  • Local outline planning for Lahav, Shomria, Ofakim and Mashabei Sadeh forests
  • Outline planning for communal settlement Ashalim
  • Detailed planning for extending moshav Amatzia
  • Detailed planning for Mishmar HaNegev
  • Detailed planning for photovoltaic power plant, Nir Yitzchak
  • Detailed planning for industrial zone, kibbutz Gazit
  • Detailed planning for employment area, kibbutz Eyal
  • Detailed planning for rehabilitation of phosphate mines, Yerkam and Hatzeva
  • Detailed planning for a boys neighborhood, Kibbutz Tlalim
  • Detailed planning for employment area, Majdal Shams
  • Detailed planning for communal village, Midbarei Azuz
  • Detailed planning for Achziv field school
  • Detailed planning for events venue, Beit Beryl
  • Blueprint for rehabilitation and development, Nachal HaBesor
  • Blueprint for moshav Kfar Vitkin
  • Blueprint for kibbutz Mishmar HaNegev
  • Blueprint for kibbutz Tal Shahar
  • Blueprint for Manof youth village
  • Blueprint for tourism development in Tze’elim compound
  • Blueprint for Derech Namir-Derech Petach Tikva route
  • Blueprint for homes, Kibbutz Eyal, Kibbutz Einat, Kibbutz Gaash
  • Statutory construction planning for residential areas, Kibbutzim Gaash, Eyal, Einat, Kfar Glikson.
  • Construction planning for dormitories, Kibbutz Tzora
  • Blueprint for ” Maavar Afek” school, Kibbutz Einat

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