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Rural Development

AlefBet Planners, Israel’s largest interdisciplinary design firm, is widely known for its capabilities and vast experience in the architectural design and engineering fields. It is also highly regarded for its creative solutions in the development of villages, as well as kibbutz and moshav communities. With six decades of experience, AlefBet is a firmly entrenched leader in Israel’s planning field. It has a broad understanding of rural community requirements on a national, regional and community level, in addition to the needs of individual farmers. Its planning team consists of 120 architects, engineers and experts in related fields who utilize their collective and gained know-how to meet each client’s individual needs, as well as specific environmental and market requirements.

Today, the world is a “global village”. The necessity to answer the needs of fast-growing populations has become a significant issue, especially in light of continually rising input and prices. Governments and aid organizations around the world strive to raise living standards and quality of life. At the same time they want to increase agricultural output in rural areas while relying on existing resources, local labor forces and longstanding rural social traditions. The growing economic gap between “satiated” countries and the rest of the world requires creative and comprehensive solutions for upgrading agricultural production, adding value through post harvesting processing, and increasing the status of the village and its standard of living.

AlefBet Planners has extensive experience in new village planning. Its comprehensive approach covers all relevant agricultural, affordable housing, occupational, industrial, educational, cultural, recreational, tourism and health aspects, as well as other needs of inhabitants in a specific rural area.

AlefBet Planners offers a Wide Range of Planning Services:

1. Master and Outline plans, as well as detailed plans based on our perception of the village and the rural space, including all social and economic requirements.

2. Housing projects and residential neighborhoods meeting population and climate requirements.

3. Overall and detailed planning of open spaces, roads and paths in and leading to the village.

4. Public buildings, such as schools, shopping centers, administration and municipal buildings, social and cultural facilities.

5. Industrial zones and manufacturing plants meeting the needs of the community and the population.

6. Agricultural projects, including dairy farms, poultry complexes, abattoirs, hothouses, greenhouses, etc.

7. Agro-tourism projects and development of local attractions.

8. Water, sewage, electricity, communication and lighting infrastructures.

AlefBet Planners serves numerous regional councils in Israel, and is involved in regional and rural planning projects in Israel and abroad. It also serves as consultants for Israel’s Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, and for similar agricultural and village development authorities in different countries around the world. Major projects have been implemented in Angola, Russia, China, Greece, South Africa, Romania, Poland and more.

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